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Customer Service

Interactive order system via phone, e-mail and fax, and online store.
  • Deliveries within 24 hours of order.
  • Deliveries for free on orders above CZK 7,000 inclusive of VAT, and there will be a minimal charge of CZK 100 0n Orders under CZK 5,000. An exception is made for gastronomy, where the deliveries of CZK 3,000 with VAT is not charged (except for cigarettes and stamps).
  • It is also possible to visit one of our wholesale stores in Prague, Liberec, Plzen and Tabor. In Prague 7 days a week.
Service Guide


  • In order to take advantage of our interactive system you need to sign up as a new customer and then you will receive a customer card with a unique customer number from which you will be able to place your orders with us either over the phone or directly at one of our service stores.
  • Tobacco products must be purchased with company ICO, all other products can be purchased against a simple tax document. If you wish to have one order for tobacco products and one for all other goods then is is imperative that you explain this to the operator before giving your order.
  • If you purchase goods directly from one of our stores you are not entitled to the 0.5-1.0% discounts unless you pay with cash or subject to an existing agreement that you may already have with the company.
  • A catalogue of all our products is publish for aour clients. We also print flyers advertising special offers or promotions once a month.
  • The most suitable time for a quick processing of your order is between 1pm and 4pm.
  • Orders taken before 12pm will be delivered the same day only to gas stations, non stop stores, restaurants, bars, cafés and other operations that are open to at least 8pm.This only applies to central Prague. In Liberec the same conditions apply above until 2pm. On Saturdays same day delivery is possible only on orders taken before 10am but in Tabor it only applies on orders taken before 7.30am. Plzeň carries out the deliveries on the following day.

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