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PEAL a.s. is one of the largest businesses in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1991 as a limited liability company the business became a joint-stock company shortly after. Throughout its 30-years history the company has built a significant market position and has attracted a variety of key clients. PEAL a.s. currently employs around 500 employees. PEAL a.s. puts a lot of importance on Customer service, along with highly qualified staff that are kept up to date with the latest business practices with regular training programmes. Customers and their needs are at the heart of our operation.
Main activities


  • merchandizing and branding of tobacco products under the name of Don Pealo
  • wholesale sales in tobacco products and accessories
  • wholesale sales in beverages and ranges of HO.RE.CA.
  • operation of cigarette dispensers
  • importing of foreign products


The company has built a strong position in the sector of tobacco products, smoking supplies, beverages, candy, valuables, drug store products and other assortments. Our aim is to extend the range of alcoholic drinks for the customers in the HO.RE.CA niche.


  • Currently, the company supplies 12,000 customers, cooperating with more than 200 suppliers. Thanks to its flexibility PEAL a.s. enjoys the reputation of stable and reliable partners. Our activities are also focused on imported articles, such as, cigars from Canary Islands, wine from Chile, Portugal, and Spain.


  • The company’s headquarters and central warehouse are based in Praha 10 – Bohdalec. From where goods can be dispatched directly to the customers. PEAL a.s. has a fleet of over 70 distribution vehicles, a modern storage facility and logistic center. These are another key benefit for the company. We also have Branches in Tábor, Plzeň, Ostrava,  Liberec and Brno which are in charge of the goods distribution throughout Bohemia. The wholesale partners associated, with PEAL a.s, the Czech Tobacco Corporation A.S. which PEAL a.s. is a main shareholder in, do the same throughout Eastern Bohemia and Moravia.

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